-Fuck! Fuck! Can it be this right now…!?


I swore again and continued to run to the office.Who had the fucking idea come to that sympathetic restaurant where you can buy tacos?Yeah, she had come to me.In which there is generally nothing wrong.Evere woman deserves to be pampered with what she wants to eat.Yes, but every well-thinking woman would give up the tacos when she saw that it was raining and she had not taken an umbrella in the morning.Well, yeah, obviously not everyone, because instead of listening to the voice of my mind and getting back to the office, content with some junk from the machine, I still decided to go to the five-way restaurant.And here it’s me soaking wet and running on the streets.


I burst into the office, still angry at the stupid choice of transport.My blue dress was clining tightly to me and to walking was so hard but…Fuck, I deserve it.I slammed a few folds over the dress and sighed.I raised my head and I saw the Linet’s sorry look – our nice secretary.My make up was supposed to flow like a river.Just awful! I hurried to my office and slammed the door.That just was a „wonderful” day.I hope that you’re feeling the sarcasm.


I need dry clothes immidiately!I had a few in my cabinet because this is just me and there should be of everything in a lot of reserves.I took a white shirt and black pants when in the office entered my redhead friend.This was called explosion of colours and sex appeal.


-Don’t be offended, but you look like a clown swept by a hurricane. – my friend Gabriela smiled and looked at me from top to the bottom

Only what a wretched look I had.There was no worse!


-And what is…


-Better don’t ask. – I smiled – Now I have to change my clothes or I’ll be ill.


-Nothing will happen to you!


-Whatever you say! – I rolled my eyes and went to the small bathroom in my office – Wait a second.


I closed the door behind me and changed my clothes.I risked to see myself in the mirror and I expected to be worse.My makeup had passed but this wasn’t the baddest.I washed up my face and I removed the junk from the mascara and foundation and I left the bathroom.


While I wasn’t there, Gab was sitting comfortable on my chair behin my desk and she was looking through the window.The landsape wasn’t extraordinary.Just the building on the other side of the street.


 -Actually, why did you come? – I turned around to see during I take my makeup bag to fix my makeup.


-The boss wants to see us in twenty minutes in her office. – she sent me a kiss – I’ll see you. – she said and she left the room and left me fix my look


I fixed my makeup…Almost…There was nothing more to do except a new layer of foundation and mascara.I left the makeup bag on the table and I exited from my office, I reached Gab’s office and I was just going to knock when the door opened.We smiled to each other because of chance and then I pointed to the room at the bottom.


-Let’s go!


-Come on! – she smiled and walked in front of me.


The company I was working for was a large corporation with scattered offices all over the country. We had offices in many cities, including San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Detroit, Washington and others. Not exactly our office was in Chicago. We had not grown to a colossal size yet. So here everyone new everybody. That’s why we could boast here a friendly relationship with the boss. That was one of the reasons I didn’t feel much of a fear going to my employer’s office. I was rather curious.


We knocked on the door before we went in. Elaine’s smile was on her ears, and she gently rocked in her chair.


-Hello, girls! – she pointed the two chairs in front of her desk.


We sat down quickly and she could hardly begin to speak.


-Hello, Elaine! What’s going on? – I asked.


-I have good news. – she clapped with her hands. – As you know, our business is growing fast and there are offices all over USA. Many people are pleased with the interior design of their homes and this has spread around Europe. There are many orders from there, so the corporation decided to open a new office in London.


-Super! That’s pretty cool! – Gab had a big smile on the face and I could see her brain running at full speed. God knows what ideas have come up in her head…To make the interior design  of one of the best hotels in Europe. She was aiming high and achieving what she wanted with a lot of hard work.


-But why do you say that only to us? – I looked at our boss who was just sipping her coffee.


She swallowed the liquid and again the big smile appeared on her face.


-Guess stuff for the London office and…  - she stopped and looked at us.


-And? – the readhead asked her to go on already done in her chair staring at the curios look our boss.


-They want you two!

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