She came out as a perfect Quartz warrior. Tall, with big muscles and long lilac hair. The Amethyst passed every chalenge she was put through. She was admired by the others. The best of them. They looked up to her. She walked with pride and honor, but she kept a dawning secret.
Her gem, hidden under her uniform, was...wrong. From the very beginning a little piece of it was missing. She kept it hidden, afraid of being shattered. least that's what she thought.
Her uniform was torn during a fight. Her gem, located on her shoulder, was exposed. She quickly materialised a new uniform, thinking that no one noticed, but little did she know, a small Sapphire was there to see it. The blue gem knew what it meant. She knew that the big, imfamous Quartz warrior had a defect, but didn't realise what it was.
From that day Sapphire became Amethyst's shadow. Without the Quartz noticing, the little blue gem would follow her everywhere. From her missions to the battlefield. And it was all okay until one day.
Sapphire was observing Amethyst on the battlefield from a ship above. The gem wasn't allowed to fight, as she was treasured for her rare future vision. She couldn't leave the warrior, though, because of a bad feeling she had.
Amethyst fought bravely. She killed enemy after enemy in rage, caused by her determination to protect her master - Pink Diamond. That was all she had. Yes, she was admired as the ultimate Amethyst warrior, but...she felt worthless. The buff Quartz knew that her master didn't give a damn about her ultimate warrior. Pink Diamond could easily replace her. Still, she skillfully fought, because that's what she was made for. That was all she knew.
The little blue gem frantically ran to exit the ship. Her future vision had predicted Amethyst's death. That was her defect. She couldn't regenerate. Sapphire floated down to the battlefield. All around her tall, strong warriors ran and screamed. Gems were being poofed and shattered. It was horrible. She looked around, trying to find Amethyst. She spotted her and ran to her. Her face was filled with fear as she tugged on the Quartz's uniform. The lilac gem turned around ready to slice through another enemy, but the vibrant blue coloured small figure stopped her.
"Come with me!"
Sapphire plead. Amethyst was startled. The little gem had no place on the battlefield! Was she out of her mind? The lilac warrior swung her sword and Sapphire closed eyes, expecting to be poofed, but the hit never came. Amethyst had killed another enemy. She quickly grabbed Sapphire and ran through the fighting gems. She knew that she had to get the blue gem out of there, to save her. Sapphire pointed to the ship above them and floated with Amethyst. Carrying the big gem was hard, but she made it. They both landed on the ship. Amethyst was startled. Why was this Sapphire down there?
Sapphire softly spoke. She knew that a many questions were to come.
" What is going on? Don't you know how dangerous the battlefield is? You are a Sapphire, you are not made for battle! You could've shattered!"
Amethyst frantically said as she ran a hand through her wild, lilac hair. Sapphire tried to comfort her by placing a hand on her shoulder.
"You have to listen to me. Let me explain."
Amethyst looked up to meet Sapphire's honest look. She slowly nodded.
"I know your secret. I know about your gem-"
She was cut short when the big gem stood up sharply.
"YOU know NOTHING. I don't need to hear your false accuses."
She stated with a growl. Sapphire was expecting that so she was fast to reply
"I'm not accusing you. I can see that you are strong and respected and I respect you too. I just need you to know. You have to be aware of what awaits you. So please, let me continue."
She hopefuly said. Amethyst looked down for a moment. Her square jaw was clenched and her large hands formed fists. She was frustrated. She thought that all these years she had kept her secret safely, only to be proved wrong by a Sapphire. The large gem flexed her muscles for a moment before relaxing and subtly nodding for the other gem to continue. She needed to know.
" Thank you. You can trust me, I promise..."
Sapphire promised
"Amethyst, your can't regenerate. You need to trust me. I saw it with my future vision. If I hadn't been there you would have been fataly injured. That would've been the end of you!-"
She stopped when the Quartz let out a hum.
"How did you even notice me? How did you know about me and my gem? Why did you bother to help me? Why do you care?"
There was a tone of sadness in her voice. Sapphire frowned. She didn't know either. All she knew was that she didn't want this particular warrior dead.
" I just do. I saw your gem once...You were fighting and it got exposed. I knew from then. I knew that I had to know you're okay. I don't know what it is, I just care about you."
A bitter smile appeared on the Quartz's face. She let out a chuckle. 'Care'.

mini(homo) me c:

It was so foreign to her. No one had ever told her that. No one. And suddenly some random Sapphire saves her, because she somehow cares. What did that even mean? What was she supposed to do? She was confused. Suddenly she felt two small arms wrap around her. Her first instinct was to push off whoever that was. Sapphire fell back, a few tears in her eyes. Amethyst looked at her in shock. She realised what she had done. "Are you okay? I'm sorry." The lilac gem helped the smaller blue one up. The two arms went back around her. She was on her knees. That's when she realised. Sapphire cared. Cared. She never thought she deserved to have someone care for her. After all, she was built for war. She was just a weapon. But now this little gem came and showed her what care is. Amethyst found her muslucar arms wrap around Sapphire's thin waist. She felt whole. Finally she didn't feel alone. For Sapphire it was the same feeling. For many years she served the Diamond authority. The only care she received was purely strategical. Now she felt warm, whole, happy. Happy. That's how they met. The ultimate Quartz warrior and the future teller. They were so different, yet so similar. What they had was love. Such a beautiful, pure feeling. Yet, it was frowned upon among the gem world. So they hid it. They hid their love for years, but that didn't stop it from growing. The cared for each other so much, they couldn't stand to be separated. Every time Amethyst had to fight, there was this feeling of dread all over Sapphire's existence. She simply wanted her Amethyst to be safe. But they both knew that the Quartz couldn't just bail out. She was made to fight. Despite Sapphire's worries, Amethyst succeeded to come back every time. Their love grew and grew. They made each other feel things, they would never have guessed they would. They showed each other a new side of the world. Their love was happiness. They simply wanted to be together for an eternity. But...every good thing comes to an end. Amethyst was headed to the battlefield again. Sapphire never got used to this. She always hated to let her love go and fight. "Please, please be safe. I love you." The blue gem had tears in her eyes. The lilac Quartz smiled "I will, I always am. You know how much I love you. I wouldn't leave you all alone." She held Sapphire in her embrace for quite a long time. She always did before war. She didn't actually know if she was gonna make it back, so she savoured every second she could with her lover. With the one that showed her that she wasn't worthless. The one that made her happy. The fight was unforgiving. So many gems were being cracked. The opponent obviously outnumbered the gem army. Amethyst was raging. She fought and fought. Killed every enemy that came to her. She was strong, but in her rage she didn't notice it. A long, sharp arrow flew into her abdomen. Oh, no. She fell on her knees. That was it. She was going to die. She needed Sapphire. She needed to see her once more. She stood up and ran as fast as her body allowed Sapphire felt that something was wrong. She always did, but this time it was stronger. This fearful, sick, horrible feeling of something bad. The blue gem ran out of the base. She needed to find her Amethyst. Her future vision didn't work. She was so sickly worried, so afraid. She ran as fast as she could. "Amethyst!" She screamed. She ran into her beloved gem. Upon noticing the arrow in the warrior's body she froze. It was big and had tore her skin, muscles and tissue so easily. The lilac gem fell on her knees. "Amethyst..." Sapphire tried to hold the gem's large body up, but her small arms failed her. Amethyst collapsed with a loud thud. "Sapphire. I-I'm sorry." Sapphire sobbed, holding her lover's body. Amethyst held the blue gem's face in her hands and gently wiped her tears, who kept falling. "Hey, calm down. It's okay. I love you, you know. You showed me what care is, what love is. You taught me so many things. And for the first time I loved too! I loved you and I still do and I always will. Don't cry! I'll always protect you. I'll find a way. It's just my physical form that i'll lose. I'm here, Sapphire, and I love you." Sapphire just cried harder and cuddled into Amethyst. "I love you too. So, so much. I'm sorry I couldn't prevent this." They both stayed in each others' embrace until Sapphire felt Amethyst's body stop moving. Suddenly, she dissapeared in a cloud of lilac dust. In the blue gem's hands laid an Amethyst. Her Amethyst. Her gem. She sobbed onto the ground as she clutched her lover's gem to her chest. It was so hard. She had lost the one thing that made her happy. But she promised herself that she will find a way. She will have Amethyst back, whatever it costs her. She will.

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